About Us at Lilbits of Happy

Welcome to the new look Lilbits website!  Now known as Lilbits of Happy!

2020 was a funny old year in many respects, we have all been through the most crazy times and felt together, alone, sad and happy as a whole world.

During this time,  here at the Lilbits Family we changed our passion, we regained our fire and felt the need to change direction to follow this! 

Lilbits of Happy was conceived during the pandemic and is almost ready to be born...full website and new super fabulous and happy premises planned for February 2021

For now and on the run up to Christmas we have a selection of brand new products (and some of the favourites) to share with you to put a smile on someone's face (which of course can be our own too....don't forget yourself...we all deserve a Lilbit of happy in our lives).

We are all about family time and friendship.  We want to help everyone understand our emotions and minds and learn how we can manage them, through play, reading, activities, courses and of course we have lil things to create smiles and laughter including bright and bold clothing and fun resources xx 

Happy - be happy in rainbow