EEBOO Puzzles

All our EEBOO puzzles in one place! 

We have a whole range of puzzles ranging from 20 piece to 1000 piece!  The age and ability for jigsaws are based purely on the person so this range gets its own heading!

We LOVE these puzzles! They are beautiful quality and all are designed and illustrated by women with lovely meaning and thought.  It is a mummy run company and we just think once you see them you wont be able to resist completing them!

The 1000 piece puzzles are ideal for quiet time to go back to for moments of calm to concentrate solely on something other than work, bills, family and the chaos of life.  They would also be ideal to do together with your older children and family over time. Myself Erin and Claire have completed the Viva La Vida Puzzle over a few weeks at work and it was super satisfying and lovely complete.

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