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We LOVE books!! Informative, Fictional, Stickers, Noisy we have them all!! Even ones about parping!

Books! Books! Books!

One of my main passions as a child and as an adult is reading!  I LOVE to read and if I ever get the chance again I may even finish the book I started way back before I had the youngest two children!  But in the meantime, while I do not have time to pick up my own book we do ensure the small people have lots of time with theirs!

We have a dedicated area in the living room for books (the one which is meant to be toy free ha ha) and we find this makes it easier for the children to grab a book when they want and for us to get them to pick one to read before bed!

Because we always used books in our play stations during our sensory play sessions and at the end of the music and movement classes we always knew we wanted to bring the books we love to the shop too!  So thats what we have done! 

We have started with Usborne Books as they are super quality, super bright and colourful and great for use with educational and sensory play set ups!  With each book we are working through what toy resources will work well with each book and will be adding links to direct you to the toys we think work well with the book you choose.

We believe books are essential in learning and development and will be adding to the range with lots of fictional books by great authors too!  We will also be adding links to some books by mummy authors who have shared their own work with us to review! 

So whether your looking for something touchy feely for your little one or want to learn the periodic table with your older child we should have something for you! 

Sam xxx

Heres our book from this evening!  Usborne sticker books are awesome as we can use this as an information book well after the stickers have been added! 



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