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We are BACK! But why did we go......

Family and Work Life Balance

So we have recently had a short break.... we needed this break as we needed an end of year stock take and we needed to get some bits sorted out at the unit and shop......

But most of all WE needed a break..WE needed to reconnect as a family and really see what life as a family of five was like and get to know how we all fitted in!

So that's what we did, we have had a family break to a lovely place in France and have spent a couple of weeks actually getting to know eachother again.  For the children its actually been the longest time they have spent together ever and I was really happy to see a real bond develop between the two girls as I felt they didnt really know each other...but while we were away they shared a room, their playtime, their toys and their time with us and although they still argued at times we had some really really good days where Lilbit played with Lilbird and we sat back and just watched them get along!  They needed it and we needed to see it!

Lilbear has come along in a amazingly speedy way, he is alert and babbling away all the time and has decided he would like to skip sitting, rolling and crawling and just attempt to stand and jump and bop around instead!  And without us both working each day and being able to really see what he was doing we have been able to really see the changes in him daily which I feel was missed when Lilbird was his age and we started this business and she just came along with us everywhere (people think that working a job you can take your kids too must be the best of both worlds but for me I found it very hard to engage with her while running play sessions and normally did not see her during the sessions at all!)

But this time of rest and engaging as a family has helped us refocus and reenergise for work too and we are excited for the future of the business and that of the family too with lots of plans for the next year!

To thank you all for being patient while we had a break we have just issued a new code of LILBITS so you can get 10% off your order when you enter this before checkout!

Also we will be putting together discount codes for products which work well together!  Our first one is 50% off a set of colour sorting bowls with any purchase of colour sorting counters with code SORTINGFUN.

So here we go in our second year of Lilbits and we cannot wait to see what it brings! 

 Sam, Sam, Lilbit, Lilbird and Lilbear xx


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