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A really quick way to colour water when you have no food colouring! Check out Erins video here xx

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children, mummy, resources, sensory, toys - is being managed mainly by the hubby and he has been doing a wonderful job of managing the orders and communications and is currently re stocking the shop this week and finding lots of new resources to bring in this year

(he's very good at that - in 2016 he told me to buy in some silly toy called a fidget spinner as he thought they would be big in which I replied...I am not buying those in, they will never catch on.........roll on last summer and we didn't have any in stock - d'oh!)

If there is anything you are not sure about or need to speak to us about do not hesitate to email or call as one of us will be around to help!

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We love scrolling through social media and coming across funny things on the internet while we are having our few minutes of rest time (ha ha) We have found some wonderful ones this week and thought we would share them with you all! Here is one reason why you should maybe get a babysitter when you are going to go on Live news with your story!  GO ON IRIS!  (how lovely is that name!) When the dads get to baby-wear and shake their butts! (Love the cheering and laughing from the mums in the background!) When you turn your back...

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So if you do not remember the fidget spinner craze which took control of all of our children (and adults) back a few months ago, you may have been living off the grid and to be fair I envy you slightly!  It went crazy for these things and to be fair there is still a rumbling of children needing bigger, better and shinier ones, but the almost overwhelming buzz of the spinners seems to have stopped...for now! So if like me you have a few sat around the house, not being played with anymore then you may want to check...

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So last week I had two birthdays to attend,  one for a seven year old and one for a sixty year old and as usual I found myself in a panic on the day of the birthday parties trying to work out what to get!  I did a short video that evening talking about:  1:  Not having a babysitter for our children which meant split shifting the mother in laws 60th birthday celebrations 2:  Never knowing what an acceptable present is cost wise, is there a secretly agreed amount that I do not know about?? ...does it go up or...

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