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So many of you will already know that here at Lilbits we are always looking for awesome and unusual resources to add to our product range and one day by complete accident we came across the AMAZING Chrysanthos Trigeod™ color wheel puzzle! We loved this item for various reasons: Its wooden and beautiful They are smooth pieces which have a great finish to them - no jagged edges or rough surfaces! It teaches the three primary colours as well as three secondary and six tertiary colors!  Find more information about the science behind the colour wheel HERE Its a lovely...

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Every now and then you will see me use the term "invitation to play" I use this term because of my background in childcare and it was something I was taught before I even had children.....You see my childminding career started long before the birth of my first child - which in itself caused me some issues with how to parent as oppose to being a child carer - but that is a story for another blog coming soon! I could write this blog and explain the ins and out of an invitation to play and what it means in...

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