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So if you do not remember the fidget spinner craze which took control of all of our children (and adults) back a few months ago, you may have been living off the grid and to be fair I envy you slightly!  It went crazy for these things and to be fair there is still a rumbling of children needing bigger, better and shinier ones, but the almost overwhelming buzz of the spinners seems to have stopped...for now! So if like me you have a few sat around the house, not being played with anymore then you may want to check...

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A mini version of the classic spring toy! This loosely coiled, metal spring can step down books or be 'poured' from hand to hand, lifted and dropped onto your desk, rolled around your fingers and palm and smoothed when together, this easy to hold, inexpensive item makes the perfect fidget tool and why are fidget tools so good? Let's find out from the Huffington Post. Use Mini Springy as a satisfying fiddle toy/tool or to demonstrate scientific principles. Spring measures 3.5cm in diameter and 3cm in length when compressed

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