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Some info about the exciting Awen Project

So you may know if you already follow us on social media that Erin is hoping to attend a new alternative education school called the Awen Project. The plan is to develop a free to attend demographic autonomous school for children which will be designed by them with the guidance and experience of teachers and other professionals! It’s an exciting opportunity and is being headed up by Charlotte Church and her husband Johnny and although there are other schools just like this one (around 2000 independent alternative education systems in the UK) the road to get started is of course going to be bumpy! 

The school is all ready to go and the last hurdle is for planning permission to be granted for a temporary change of use for a building to run the school for the first year. The building is on private land and has no negative impact on the surrounding area x 

Lots of information and evidence of the need for such a education system to be in place in the area is being put forward to the local council and there is also a petition to sign to show how positive the project is and to show the support it is getting and why the planing go ahead is so important.

At the moment due to lots of emotional rollercoasters my eldest has been through over the past few years she has developed real insecurities and lack of confidence in herself and the people around her and as such she is very sensitive and a massive fear of being rejected and the people involved in this project have already identified this and are working with us to help her...for her to attend a school where they can focus on her as an individual and work on her issues as well as her education is hugely important for us. 

If could sign this petition to show your support I would be hugely grateful xx

Sam (and Erin)  

 Allow The Awen Project a temporary change of planning use so it can operate as a school.

Here is a video link about the project 


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