Birthdays! Anyone else not have a clue when it comes to birthday presents!

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So last week I had two birthdays to attend,  one for a seven year old and one for a sixty year old and as usual I found myself in a panic on the day of the birthday parties trying to work out what to get!  I did a short video that evening talking about: 

1:  Not having a babysitter for our children which meant split shifting the mother in laws 60th birthday celebrations

2:  Never knowing what an acceptable present is cost wise, is there a secretly agreed amount that I do not know about?? ...does it go up or down in age?  Does EVERYONE apart from me seem to have a box of pre purchased presents under their bed -  and yes despite owning a toy shop I still struggle to think of things for certain ages or interests; as to be fair (and as I am always saying) everyone is different so what might suit one child of one age may not suit another child of the same age so I may not have anything suitable! ITS A BIRTHDAY MINEFIELD!

3.  Cards!  I am not a card find out why in the video but I am wondering if it is frowned upon to not give a card??  Also money in cards - is this OK to do? - do we have an amount per age that is acceptable?  How do you feel when you get money in a card or a voucher?  I love it to be honest as I get to buy what I want but I also like the odd pressie to open as that's  the fun isnt it!  So would it be disappointing to a child (or grown up) if everyone gives cards with money and vouchers?

and finally:

4. What do you actually buy them?? How do you know they have not already got it, or they will like it? This is my main concern every birthday or gift giving event!!  So while I am out and about panic buying, as I have again left it to the day of the party,  I STILL feel the need to ensure its going to be something they would not already have and that they will not be disappointed with! (I feel after writing all of this down, that I over think everything far too much but I also think I cannot be the only one!)

Anyway... here is the video if you want to see it (3 mins long - I am getting better at making them shorter ha ha!)

So what do we find people buy from our store for gifts...I have added a couple of items and some links to our products so you can have a look if you want xx

Mystery Sensory Balls!

Lightweight mirrored sensory balls, set of 6 which make different sounds and roll in unique ways to each other AND suitable from birth so these make a fantastic gift as you wont find many people already have these and they get babies and toddlers moving and engaging with play a different way!  Plus you do not have to buy 6 you can a buy a set of 2 or 4 instead! 

 Putty and Slime all sorts of colours and textures and no harsh chemicals !!!!

If you have children over the age of five I will be surprised if you have not been asked to make slime with some sort of household chemicals!  If you haven't your one of the lucky ones!  Our Putty and Slimes are my massive go to birthday presents for children from around 5 upwards (because yes even the teens are loving it and the larger tins of putty always go down well as they watch You Tube Videos such as the one below of people playing with it!! (I know...dont ask....)      


Click on each of these to see our range of SLIMES, GELLIBAFF and PUTTY!

And if you want more ideas and inspiration here is our whole range of products starting from just 69p!!  LILBITS BIRTHDAY IDEAS!

And if that isn't enough (or even if it is too much choice you cannot decide!) we now do Mystery Boxes which we are super excited about and Gift Vouchers!

 Have a fun weekend xx

Sam, Sam, Erin, Matilda and Bump

Lilbits weekly tip: When making up slime and gellibaff we find it best to put the powder in first and add water slowly instead of adding the powder to the water!  This way you get to experiment with the textures and make it different consistencies! too much water all at once is going to only give you one texture!  And when using it in the baff, do not use too much water and remember it takes some time to thicken up so get in there and swish it around to get it started!

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