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Every think about how our periods really effect our brain and bodies...I have started to realise how important it is to listen when we are being told from inside that we need to slow down for a few days...that we are not here to power through day in and day out...

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A really quick way to colour water when you have no food colouring! Check out Erins video here xx

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For the last few years I have realised that I worried about a lot of things that only caused me extra anxiety and caused arguments within the household. 

I tried to control certain things because I believed that things had to be done the right way, that targets for children were important and that if things didn’t meet certain expectations they were wrong and needed to be changed!

I’ll be doing a live on Monday 16th November to chat about how I realised accepting that some things were just Ok to be the way they were has stopped some of my worries and reduced some of the battles and arguments we were having x 

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When Lilbits of Happy went Live with Kelly the Poet xx

Kelly is a super energy and also amazingly brave sharing her story about her parenting of children with complex additional needs, how low she became and how finding her love of writing poetry helped give her purpose and in turn created a beautiful business!

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Its been coming...there is a need for a break for myself and Lilbits!  Lilbits as it stands as now run its course and I need to refresh, rejig and refocus it to what I believe is now important since 2020 hit!  Closing day is 18 Sept and Relaunch is scheduled for 1 NOV!

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